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Today’s world is virtual and requires agile training solutions that expand beyond traditional learning methods and classrooms. In light of COVID-19 and high-profile policing events, NXT Generation Training is now offering the following digital certification courses:

Virtual Teaching

This course is designed to provide teachers and educators the confidence to deliver classroom instruction in a virtual environment.  The course caters to all skill levels and offers social, pedagogical and technical skills needed to navigate teaching in a non-traditional setting.

Policing and Bias

This course is designed to equip law enforcement employees with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that they operate at their best while providing bias-free, fair and equal service to citizens aligning to the values and ethics of their department.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Certification

The Humanify® DEIA+ BOT blends machine and human learning to give learners a baseline understanding of bias and diversity, by listening to user responses and then providing measurable feedback and real-time coaching to improve the quality and outcomes of conversations. Combined with immersive dialogue, role-playing, and hands-on exercises, the Humanify® DEIA+ BOT provides users with the tools and confidence they need to manage uncomfortable conversations.

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